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The Royal Air Force Signals Officers' Dinner Club was formed in 1994 following the amalgamation of the Directorate of Signals (Air) and the Directorate of Command Control and Management Information System (RAF) staffs, which formed the RAF Communications and Information Systems (CIS) organisation. Air Commodore Fitzgerald-Lombard then launched a successful proposal to form a RAF Signals Officers Dinner Club as a measure to preserve the RAF association with the 'Signals' theme. The initial aim of the Signals Officers' Dinner Club was to maintain contact between all past and present RAF Officers who have served in Signals related posts and bring like minded people together at an annual dinner which would include the Club's AGM. There are other organisations for retired officers and for Signals personnel (e.g. The British Wireless Society) so it was determined that the RAF Signals Officers Dinner Club should have no more a regular agenda than its annual Dinner.  However, in 2002 it was felt that the Society should expand its boundaries, and in 2003 the first CIS Symposium was organised.

The membership traditionally consisted of officers from the Engineering Branch who specialised in the support of signals systems. The term Signals, now part of the Communication and Information Systems discipline within the RAF, covers diverse areas such as Air Defence Systems, Airfield Systems, Terrestrial Telecommunications and Satellite Communications. Therefore, at the 2000 AGM, the Club agreed to amend its constitution to make it easier for non-engineering officers who have worked within both traditional Signals and more modern CIS environments to qualify as members.

A summary of Presidents, Chairmen, Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Symposium Members, Memorabilia Members and Annual Dinner Facts are below:


Nov 94 -  AM Sir Alec Morris


Nov 94 - Nov 95 Air Cdre Fitz Fitzgerald-Lombard
Nov 95 - Nov 96 Gp Capt Peter Law
Nov 96 - Nov 00 Air Cdre Roger Clark
Nov 00 - Nov 03 Air Cdre Bruce Wynn
Nov 03 - Nov 05 Air Cdre Bruce Benstead
Nov 05 - Nov 08 Air Cdre Bob Allan
Nov 08 - Nov 09 Air Cdre Mark Neal
Nov 09 - Nov 10 Air Cdre Andrew Powell
Nov 10 - Nov 12 Air Cdre Ian Kirkwood
Nov 12 - Sep 14 Air Cdre Simon Richardson
Sep 14 - Mar 16 Air Cdre Chris Moore
Mar 16 - Present Day Air Cdre John Wariner


Nov 94 - Nov 95 Sqn Ldr Alyn Morris
Nov 95 - Nov 97 Wg Cdr Phil Short
Nov 97 - Nov 99 Sqn Ldr Pete Foran
Nov 99 - Nov 03 Sqn Ldr Chris Edwards
Nov 03 - Present Day Wg Cdr John McCarthy

Symposium Members

Nov 02 - Wg Cdr John Philliban
Nov 03 - Sqn Ldr Tim Neal-Hopes

Deputy Secretary

Nov 02 - Nov 03 Flt Lt Karl McCarthy
Nov 03 - Sep 10 Sqn Ldr John Green
Sep 10 - Wg Cdr Martin Brockie


Nov 03 - Nov 05 Fly Lt Karl McCarthy
Nov 05 - Flt Lt Dave Thompson

Annual Dinner Information

Annual Dinner Date / Location Principal Guest Membership No. % Retired No of Members - Attended Dinner
1st 09 November 1994
RAF Club
, Inaugural Dinner 90 66 68
2nd 08 November 1995
RAF North Luffenham
Prof Clive Holtham, City University Business School 135 63 90
3rd 13 November 1996
RAF Club
Sir Brian Tovey, Ex-Director of GCHQ 148 63 65
4th 06 November 1997
RAF Henlow
Prof Peter Cockrane, Head of BT Laboratories 186 61 107
5th 04 November 1998
RAF Club
Mr Tony Sale, Director of Bletchley Park Museum 203 59 81
6th 12 November 1999
RAF Henlow
Brigadier General W 'Bud' Bell Jr USAF, Commander of the Air Force Communications & Information Center, Washington DC 226 58 85
7th 08 November 2000
RAF Club
Sir Christopher Chataway, Former Chairman of the Civil Avaition Authority, Minister of Post and Telecommunications and 5000 meters World Record Holder 262 50 110
8th 09 November 2001
RAF Henlow
Mr S W Hall Jr, Assitant Commissioner of the Office of Information ad Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the United States Customs Service 284 51 111
9th 06 November 2002
RAF Club
Brigadier David McDowell, Signals-Officer-in-Chief (Army) 316 50 117
10th 28 November 2003
RAFC Cranwell
Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Air Staff 367 46 163
11th 05 November 2004
RAFC Cranwell
Air Vice-Marshal D Walker, Assistant Chief of Air Staff 420 43 201
12th 25 November 2005
RAFC Cranwell
Mr John Taylor, DG Info 460 41 180
13th 03 November 2006
RAFC Cranwell
Air Marshal Sir Clive Loader, D CinC 502 40 209
14th 09 November 2007
RAFC Cranwell
Air Marshal Stu Peach, CDI   202
15th 07 November 2008
RAFC Cranwell
AVM Bryant, COS Per   205
16th 06 November 2009
RAFC Cranwell
AVM Hilliar  
17th 12 November 2010
RAFC Cranwell
Lt Gen Lord  
18th 04 November 2011
RAFC Cranwell
Mr Simon Wren, Director Media and Communications, MOD   116
19th 12 November 2012
RAFC Cranwell
AVM Philip Osborn, AOC 2 Gp / COS Ops & Support   150
20th 15 November 2013
RAFC Cranwell
Vice Admiral Richards  
21st 07 November 2014
RAFC Cranwell
Mr Mike Stone, Chief Information Officer, MOD 693 291 145
22nd 07 November 2015
RAFC Cranwell
Air Marshal Philip Osborn, Chief of Defence Intelligence 693 291 145
23rd 04 November 2016
RAFC Cranwell
Air Marshal Stu AthaDeputy Commander Operations 711 300 125

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